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Help Mukesh Fighting From Active Tuberculosis

Mukesh Kumar 38 years of age is a poor man having a family of wife & 3 Children. He used to work in a private factory a year back since then he is suffering from ACTIVE TUBERCULOSIS and shed most of the weight. His Weight is around 35 – 40 Kg.

Ever since he lost his job due to illness, his wife works at home to home and Sells vegetables on Hawk outside her house in evening. She had to make money on interest from private lenders to start vegetable hawk.

They have 3 Small Children, and the alone lady is not capable to give good care to his ill Husband & Children. Feeding family, look after the home is difficult for her.

Sunita (Mukesh’s wife) came to our NGO for help through one of our Volunteers. After visiting their home, We found their condition is Miserable and than decided to raise the issue and help them out in every way possible.

Mukesh’s treatment started in St. Joseph’s Hospital. After some days of initial treatment, the Doctor left to hope. Then they moved to another Hospital (Vardhan Multispeciality Hospital) where Mukesh is getting Treatment.

The doctor says it may go another 1 year for the treatment of Mukesh. Family needs money for regular treatment including Visit to Doctor, Medicines, routine checkups, and wellness of family, to ease out things.

Attached is the case history of Mukesh.

Save The Poor India Foundation urges you all to contribute some amount and save Mukesh and his family.